Welcome To
Elastos Foundation

We’re developing the next generation of the digital universe.

Our Mission

To build accessible, open-source services for the world, so developers can build an internet where individuals own and control their data. We are re-calibrating how the internet works and building core technologies around it to help users control and own their data.

We call our platform the Elastos SmartWeb. We are based across the globe, but are united in the belief that the Elastos SmartWeb has the power to change the world for the better.

Our Solutions

Elastos draws on core technologies called Platform Components, including Blockchain Technology, Sidechain Architecture, Peer-to-Peer Networking, Decentralized Identity, Community Governance, and Decentralized Storage. Each Platform Component contributes unique features and services that draw developers and users to Elastos.

Elastos Foundation (EF)

The Elastos Foundation (EF) is a non-profit that provides developers with all the tools to build the Modern Internet of Elastos. The Elastos Foundation (EF) is composed of a Board of Directors chaired by Founder Rong Chen, Co-Founder Feng Han, and Operations Lead Ben Lee.

Rong Chen


Feng Han


Ben Lee

Operation Lead

The Elastos Foundation (EF) facilitates various processes, such as resource allocation and dispute mediation, among a network of decentralized development teams that function independently, but which share the communal goal of building out the baseline code for the Elastos SmartWeb.


The term “Elastos” refers to the technological infrastructure that is being developed by the Elastos Foundation (EF) in conjunction with a number of community members and organizations. Elastos is a public blockchain project that integrates blockchain technology with a suite of reimagined platform components to produce a Modern Internet infrastructure that provides intrinsic protection for privacy and digital asset ownership. Fundamentally, Elastos refers to a set of technologies that comprise a technical infrastructure. Joining our ecosystem, exploring, developing, and sharing Elastos technologies is free, and all are welcome to join the movement for a free and open internet.