Elastos Teams
Elastos is structured into small teams, or “companies,” who are divided under individual entities. Please note that some employees and contributors work for multiple teams, some are not currently on a team and more teams will be added in the future as they are formed and funded.
Elastos Foundation
Directors of the Elastos Foundation

Rong Chen

Feng Han

Ben Lee

Elastos Cyber Republic Council Preparatory Committee
Members of the CR Preparatory Committee

Yipeng Su

Kevin Zhang

Feng Zhang

Elastos Blockchain Team
Led by Shunan Yu with 28 engineers, responsible for
- Elastos mainchain, sidechains, cross chain asset transfer
- Blockchain explorer, Wallet, on-chain services like DPoS election etc.

Shunan Yu

Elastos Carrier Team
Led by Jingyu Niu and Zhilong Tang with 9 engineers, responsible for:
- DHT, P2P communication protocol
- Relay service, Bootstrap node implementation
- Carrier SDK for multiple platforms
- Reference server and client apps
- Authorized user connection via DID
- File transfer, group messaging and off-line messaging

Jingyu Niu

Zhilong Tang

Elastos Runtime Team
Led by Jingyu Niu and Zhiming Rao with 10 engineers, responsible for:
– Elastos DApp browser framework
– File management, local device accessibility, permission management
– Elastos DApp full cycle toolchain support
– Embedded DID, Carrier, Wallet plugins
Elastos Consulting Team
Led by Shijun Song with 18 engineers, responsible for:
– Elastos Eco-System project technical support
– Elastos Developers Website (Chinese Version)
– Business development

Shijun Song

Elastos DevStudio Team
Led by Kiran Pachhai and Clarence Liu with 8 employees, 1 external design agency, and 1 external growth agency, responsible for:
– Elastos Development toolchain kit and testbed
– Documentation
– Global developer community support
– Design
– Technical marketing

Kiran Pachhai

Clarence Liu

Elastos BizFramework (DMA) Team
Led by Brian Xin with 8 engineers, responsible for:
– Elastos Decentralized e-Commerce platform
– Digital asset management
– Personal data management

Brian Xin

Elastos Storage (Hive) Team
Led by Bo Leng with 7 engineers, responsible for:
– Elastos Decentralized File System
– IPFS compatible APIs
– Key Value Store
– Client Native APIs for Android and iOS platforms
Elastos Operations Team
Led by Ben Lee and Rebecca Zhu with 11 people, responsible for:
– SmartWeb functional support
– Program management, outsourcing and inter-team coordination
– Legal and accounting services
– Human resources

Ben Lee

Rebecca Zhu

Elastos Communications Team
2 writers and translators, 1 media manager, 1 community manager, 1 designer, 39 community moderators responsible for 36 community groups and 100,000 community members

Writers: Zach Warsavage + 1, technical advisor: Kiran Pachhai, community management: Nicola Zimmerman + 7 community moderators, 1 translator, 1 external PR agency.

Responsible for:
– All public facing news, blog posts, end of year reports, weekly reports, written documents
– Support DevStudio
– Community platform management and communication
– Coordination with media, interview coordination, press releases, strategic planning based on EF decisions
– Internal and External translations

Zach Warsavage

Kiran Pachhai