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2000 Q2

Rong Chen, senior alumnus of Tsinghua University’s Computer Science department, returns to China from Microsoft USA and begins research and development for the first-generation Elastos SmartWeb.

2017 Q4

The Elastos Mainchain (Blockchain) is officially released but external nodes remain inaccessible.

2018 Q4

The mining of Elastos Mainchain (Blockchain) and Elastos Decentralized Identity Sidechain (DID) by external nodes will be open and accessible.

2019 Q2

Community elects DPoS Supernodes (36 active, 72 standby). Begin to participate in DPoS consensus.

2020 Jan

ElastOS publishes to mobile platforms as the flagship application of the Elastos ecosystem, where users easily access dApps, digital assets, and content in one place.

2020 June

Elastos Ecosystem Launches Inaugural Cyber Republic Council Elections, realizing a completely autonomous Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC) - the third and final layer of Elastos’ consensus mechanism.

2020 Sep

Elastos integrates Chainlinks Oracles and releases DeFi roadmap, thus equipping its ecosystem with technology to source reliable, off-chain data to support a robust DeFi ecosystem.

2021 Jun

Elastos Tokenomic Modification: Inflation Base Adjustment. Inflation rate revised from 33,000,000 to 20,000,000 at block height 919,800, thus reducing ecosystem inflation.

2021 Jun

The second iteration of Elastos DID is released in order to vastly improve developer and user experience, as well as to prepare Elastos Decentralized Identifiers for seamless integration and a wide array of use cases.

2021 Aug

The release of Elastos Essentials represents a major strategic shift for Elastos, transforming elastOS into a Super-Wallet application with new and improved SDKs and Cordova plugins.

2021 Dec

Elastos Tokenomic Modification: First Halving. The annual ELA inflation rate is revised from 4% to 2% at block height 1,051,200, thus reducing ecosystem inflation.

2022 May

DID developer documents, guides, and application sample code are released to smooth the learning curve for incoming developers.

2022 Jun

Elastos Essentials will add support for the Ledger Nano X and more built-in EVM networks, including Gnosis, Hoo, IoTeX, and more.

2022 Sep

Both a user-friendly DID integration application and self-hosted KYC service will be launched on Elastos via DID 2.0, a major step toward the adoption of Elastos DIDs.

2022 Dec

A full library of applications workflows will be published, instructing developers how to utilize and integrate SDKs.

2022 Dec

Development will be completed for Carrier’s peer-to-peer data security communication based on a DHT permissionless network.

2022 Dec

Elastos’ DPoS consensus will be fully upgraded to DPoS 2.0, featuring random Candidate Node selection.

2017 Q2

The Cyber Intelligence Economics and Blockchain graduate program is approved. Rong Chen and Feng Han, the founders, join the lecturing team. The Elastos Mainchain (Blockchain) Project begins.

2018 Q2

The decentralized version of the Elastos Peer-to-Peer Network (Carrier) published as open source.

2019 Q1

DPoS Supernode voting starts. Elastos Mainchain (Blockchain) is public and open to everyone.

2019 Nov

Smart Contract Sidechain (ESC) goes public, enabling smart contract execution and EVM-compatible DeFi applications.

2020 Jan

Elastos Releases DIF- and W3C-compliant DID Specification on its dedicated DID Sidechain, a platform providing robust identity management services in a decentralized manner.

2020 Aug

Cyber Republic Genesis Fund Token Burn after an approved proposal unanimously preventing excessive token inflation.

2020 Nov

Elastos Joins World Economic Forum’s Global Innovators Community, a highly selective group of the world’s most promising ventures at the forefront of technological and business innovation.

2021 Jun

Elastos DID JS SDK released in an ongoing effort to simplify developer web integration with missing features added to mimic DID Java SDK.

2021 July

Elastos Hive JS SDK released in an ongoing effort to simplify developer web integration with missing features added to mimic Hive Java SDK.

August 27, 2021

Elastos celebrates the 4-year anniversary of its inception, when its mainchain began operation and the ecosystem mainnet was officially live.

2022 Mar

Phase 1 of the development initiative to connect Elastos and Ethereum Layer 2 is complete, and work begins on an unprecedented cross-chain model where two layer 1 blockchains share a single layer 2 for cross-chain transfers.

2022 May

Elastos Essentials will become the official wallet of CR elections, and will be released with all relevant voting features.

2022 Sep

A basic DHT permissionless network will be implemented for Carrier as a completely open underlying network layer that supports basic services.

2022 Dec

Economic incentive mechanisms will be launched on Carrier v2 to attract community nodes and improve the robustness of the Carrier network.

2022 Dec

Elastos Essentials will fully support local Hive Vaults such as Elabox in addition to Vault backups and transfers, and will further standardize DID credentials.

2022 Dec

The Hive network will complete its transition to a Layer 2 network based on the Carrier v2 base layer DHT network.