July 5, 2018 Elastos Adds New Advisor

Elastos is thrilled to announce the expansion of our network and community with the addition of Luis Llovera to our Advisory Board. Luis is the current Managing Director at Bosch Ventures where he has worked since 2008, and has over 17 years of experience in the high-tech industry. Luis brings a vast range of expertise working with and investing in startup companies that will not only power the next industrial revolution, but are the exact industries that Elastos plans to revolutionize itself. These industries include IoT, autonomous vehicles, and big data.

RBVC, the corporate venture capital company of Bosch, invests in the most innovative startups, paying particular attention to enabling technologies within the IoT, AI, analytics, and mobility solutions sectors that can help to make everything from connected devices and cars, to industrial applications and manufacturing processes more intelligent.

“I’m delighted to join the Elastos Advisory Board. Elastos’ operating system product, based on blockchain technology, is unparalleled and addresses key and massive markets like IoT, autonomous vehicles, big data, as well as Industry 4.0. One of the exciting parts of this opportunity for me is to also be part of the organization’s groundbreaking goal to create a new internet system driven by blockchain technology.”

Luis, based in the Silicon Valley office of Bosch’s Research and Technology Center, can bring valuable connections within the tech industry in Silicon Valley, and valuable connections forged by his company’s international reach in all areas of tech. Some of the companies within the IoT, autonomous vehicle, and big data industries that Luis has overseen investment in while at Bosch, are, Foghorn, PubNub, Insyte, Flybits, Tetravue, Poka, Alpine Data Labs, Setem Technologies and others. Previous to joining Bosch, Luis was a partner at Siemens Venture Capital where he made numerous investments and had several exits. His ability to know how to evaluate and invest in projects at the highest level of the tech industry make him an asset that Elastos looks forward to utilizing as we grow internationally into these revolutionary spaces that are changing and connecting our world.

The Elastos Foundation

July 5, 2018


July 4, 2018 Elastos Ecosystem Airdrop Plan

The Elastos Community has continued to expand with the development of our project, bringing more developers, evangelists, ELA holders, community members, collaborative ecosystem projects, and other organizations and individuals who have contributed to Elastos.

In light of our continued expansion, The Elastos Foundation is pleased to announce its plan for airdropping Elastos Ecosystem Collaboration Project tokens to ELA holders. The plan outlined below is for a 6 month trial period. The Elastos Community Council will determine further plans after the trial ends.

Airdrop Plan

● 80% of the collected Elastos Ecosystem Collaboration Project tokens will be airdropped to the ELA holder community. 20% will be given to the Elastos Foundation.

● Distribution: The planned airdropped tokens will be distributed evenly — proportional to the circulation of ELA held in wallets, including the ELA held by angel investors and voluntarily locked ELA. ELA wallets must have at least 1 ELA in them to receive airdrops.

● ELA Lock participants (not including angel investor locked ELA) will be awarded an additional 10% of the planned airdropped tokens proportional to the total amount of ELA locked. The extra 10% for ELA Lock participants will come from the 20% reserved for the Elastos Foundation.

● The outlined airdrop strategy is not a permanent plan and will only be part of a 6 month trial period. The Elastos Community Council will decide future plans.

Technical Realization Plan

● The Elastos Foundation will be responsible for the execution of the airdrops, not the individual projects.

● An ERC20 address field will be added to the ELA Wallet ( automatically by the technical team. The ERC20 address must be filled out by each ELA holder to receive airdrops.

● The Airdrop snapshot block height will be announced by the technical team and all ERC20 addresses must be submitted by the deadline. Any unclaimed Ecosystem Airdrops, will belong to the Elastos Foundation.

● Exchanges may support an airdrop, however, if you hold ELA on an exchange and that exchange does NOT support an airdrop, you must complete your transfer of ELA to the Elastos Wallet before the deadline. Any ELA that is transferred after the deadline will not be eligible for airdrop tokens.

● The Elastos technical team will take a snapshot of each wallet balance and then transfer the ERC20 tokens.

● Airdrop requirements: A wallet must hold at least 1 ELA.

● Airdrop time: Planned by the technical group. Currently, the first round is planned to begin mid-August.


The Elastos Foundation

July 4, 2018


June 30, 2018 Main chain upgrade announcement.

Dear members of the Elastos community:


The Elastos Tech Team is planning to upgrade the Elastos main chain from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm on July 1, 2018. During the upgrade, the Elastos wallet and blockchain browser will have issues and errors.


This upgrade mainly includes the following content:

  1. Support transfer from main chain to side chain
  2. Support transfer from side chain to main chain
  3. Support joint mining by side chain and main chain


After the main chain is upgraded, the Arbiter node and the ID chain node that exists as the side chain will be immediately launched. Through these newly deployed nodes, we can achieve:

  1. Transfer from main chain to ID chain
  2. Record ID association information on the ID chain
  3. Turn the token on the ID chain back to the Elastos main chain
  4. Joint mining between the ID chain and the Elastos main chain


The Elastos Foundation

June 30, 2018

June 8, 2018 Wallet upgrade announcement.

Dear Members of the Elastos Community:


To help access the non-mining nodes, the Elastos tech team will launch a technical update from 9:30 am to 1 pm on June 9, 2018. During the time, there will be bugs like network error, balance inquiry error, and transfer error.

All of these will go back to normal after finishing the technical update.


Elastos Foundation

June 8, 2018

May 30,2018 Wallet upgrade announcement.

Dear members of the Elastos community,


To add the feature of embedding remark information into the wallet and the fix display error of the blockchain browser ranking list, the Elastos team will process a technical update between 9:00 am to 5 pm on May 31, 2018. During the time, the wallet will have network error and balance enquiry/transfer bugs. After the technical update finishes, things will go back to normal.

Elastos Foundation

May 30, 2018