A fully independent blockchain protocol that acts as the root of trust for most of the Elastos ecosystem. The Elastos Mainchain (blockchain) stores cryptographic proofs and provides security via Bitcoin’s (BTC) hashrate to the entire Elastos ecosystem.

Secured by Bitcoin

The Elastos Mainchain (blockchain) uses Bitcoin’s PoW consensus mechanism to ensure the reliability of data transmission through merged-mining. DPoS Supernodes can collectively choose to reject malicious blocks packaged by merged-miners and also provide the final tamp of validation for solved blocks – called `Finality.`

One of Elastos’ strengths lies in how it employs a unique Mainchain-Sidechain architecture to scale the otherwise limited computational capacity of blockchain technology. The Elastos Mainchain (blockchain) only executes simple transactions and payment transfers, and all Sidechains indirectly benefit from the security derived from Bitcoin’s hashpower.

Features at a Glance

Why use the Elastos Mainchain (blockchain)? Simply put, it has built-in, complete, easy-to-use Sidechain support complete with maximum security derived from Bitcoin’s hashpower.

Maximum Security

The Elastos Mainchain leverages the security of the Bitcoin blockchain via merge-mining (AuxPoW) and draws on its own ecosystem of Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) Supernodes to provide finality for solved blocks, ultimately providing for an ultra-robust consensus mechanism at the forefront of the blockchain space.

Bitcoin (BTC) Hashpower

The Elastos Mainchain (Blockchain) is fully decentralized by BTC and BCH’s hashrate. Our public open-source blockchain is supported by mining pools around the globe, and does not require miners to utilize additional resources.

Hybrid AuxPoW + DPoS

Miners can merge-mine BTC and ELA, thus allowing Elastos to leverage the combined hashpower and security of the many participating BTC mining pools without requiring miners to utilize additional resources.

Energy Efficiency

Although the Elastos Mainchain sources the existing hashpower generated by the Bitcoin network, its merge-mining process requires no additional energy expenditure from Bitcoin miners.

Sidechain Architecture

The Elastos Mainchain (Blockchain) provides built-in, complete, easy-to-use Sidechain support. Sidechains are also customizable, allowing developers to choose from different consensus mechanisms tailored to specific use cases.

Live Since 2017

The Elastos Mainchain (Blockchain) only executes simple transactions and payment transfers, while sidechains handle smart contracts to support services and applications. With this structure, both scalability and security are achieved.

Deep Dive Article

The next step is to take a deep dive into Elastos’ unique consensus mechanism and Mainchain (blockchain) operation.

Custom Sidechain Support

Every dApp on the Elastos SmartWeb can interact with multiple Sidechains and use their services. The Elastos Smart Contract Chain (ESC) can be used for smart contracts, and the Elastos Identity Chain (EID) is used for DIDs. Various consensus methods can be selected for various use cases.