A flexible, decentralized storage solution with swappable storage constructs that allow for private storage and public decentralized storage behind robust Swift/Java SDKs for mobile and JS SDKs for the web.
Elastos Hive is a decentralized storage infrastructure where the nodes could be deployed and run by anyone in the world. These nodes could be utilized for storing any kind of data and also as a database layer that could be utilized by any applications on the web or mobile apps. Users are in full control of their own data at all times.

Store Your Data

Decentralized Storage (Hive) is a new architectural model that allows users to ‘own their own data’. With this technology users can benefit from a powerful line of features including ‘Vault’ selection, accessibility, data sandboxing, and Decentralized Identity (DID) integration so you can authenticate the use of Elastos Hive nodes using published DIDs.

Features at a Glance

With your own storage, you have full control over your data - thats true decentralization.

Low Resource-Consumption

The typical IPFS peer is a resource-hungry program that consumes resources and slows down a mobile device when IPFS Daemon is installed. Elastos Hive is low-consumption.

User Customization

Access controls allow data-owning individuals to leverage Elastos Decentralized Identities (DIDs) to select other users that can read or contribute to his or her data, as well as to specify conditions for which reading and contribution are allowed and disallowed.

Scripting Mechanism

Customized scripting mechanism that allows for fine control over data access of different DID users.

Vault Selection

Allows users to select their own storage location, referred to as a Vault. You can pay for a vault from a third party or go full control mode and have your own personal vault to store your data. This service effectively offers developers an all-inclusive package when they set out to develop on Elastos. It allows you to build your entire platform within the Elastos ecosystem.


Provides all the services of the open source version with the added benefit of compatibility with the rest of Elastos’ platform components.

Database Management

Structured data object access and store in MongoDB.

Deep Dive Article

The next step is to take a deep dive into Elastos’ unique consensus mechanism and Mainchain (blockchain) operation.

Own Your Data

Elastos Hive takes self-ownership in the digital domain to the next level, where users select how and where they prefer to store the data that is rightfully theirs. Whether in the form of collective search histories, online retail purchases, social media activity, or conventional file storage for documents, photos, and videos, Hive allows users to store their data on local devices and virtual machines alike, all while remaining fully decentralized.