Elastos is building The Modern Internet, where everything is open source, end-to-end encryption comes standard, the blockchain is easy to use and you can develop using a straight-forward set of APIs.

You can find our active repo here:

Trustable Sidechains

Elastos gets its hashpower from Bitcoin and some of the largest mining pools in the world including Bitmain, this secures the ELA token which is also used for DPoS node voting. By distributing load across multiple sidechains and replacing expensive PoW consensus in major blockchains like Ethereum with DPoS, Elastos is able to achieve far greater performance while maintaining a secure trustless environment.

Key Features Include
  • Intuitive APIs, a 500-1500+ TPS Ethereum sidechain and a wide variety of useful services.
  • Cyber Republic, one of the first decentralized community governance models to trial on-chain governance, control over allocation of funds and council elections open to everybody.
  • Developers have a say in how the platform evolves, so even if there is some lock-in to Elastos there is a pathway to adapt it to best suit the community
  • Funding for startups, projects and frameworks through the Cyber Republic Consensus (CRC).

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BETA Launching - Mid-April 2019

For now you can try our ALPHA at

With our private net you can run Elastos, IPFS and the DID sidechain locally, however it is missing the new ETH Sidechain which will be included in the BETA release. At that point you will have the minimal set of services to develop your dApps.